Building techniques


In order to be eligible for a place on a Degree Course in Building Techniques, it is necessary to hold a high-school leaving diploma (five-year duration) or other qualification obtained abroad and recognised as suitable, as per regulations currently in force.
Admission for foreign students to the Course is governed by procedures which are issued by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research 
These regulations also set out the means used to test knowledge of the Italian language, where a test is required, and any exemption conditions.

Students may be offered a place on the degree course once they have passed a selection test which will generate a student ranking. This will be used for determining admissions of candidates, up until the maximum number of available places has been reached.

For this year, 50 places are available.


The selection test aims to ensure sufficient initial preparation of the candidate.

For the 2023-2024 academic year, the entry test will be held in September 2023.

Students may be eligible for a place on the Course, within the limited number of places available, even if they have a score which is lower than the minimal set score. In the event of the latter, students will be assigned Additional Educational Requirements (OFAs), and specific extra activities are to be sustained either upon entry or during the course itself. These activities aim to supplement and consolidate the recommended knowledge required at intake, and are decided by the Programme Board. To fulfil their OFA requirements, students must in any case pass the first year Mathematics exam, and may not sit any progress examinations before they have completed their required OFAs.


Check the call for admissions for information about:

  • entry requirements 
  • dates, programmes, methods and premises on which the admission test will be held
  • places available for closed-number courses
  • guidelines for candidates with disabilities or learning disorders
  • Information about ranking tables
  • how to enrol


Last updated on: 14/07/2023