PhD programme

The Department has a PhD programme entitled "Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Innovation in the Clinical and Methodological Research", in cooperation with the Department of Clinical and Experimental Sciences, where its administrative centre is located.

The PhD programme in "Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Innovation in the Clinical and Methodological Research" is a cross-disciplinary programme. Its aim is to teach theoretical-practical skills in the frontier technologies of the biomedical, bioengineering, bioinformatic and Artificial Intelligence fields, and to develop abilities for application of integrated research programmes in the medical-surgical, regenerative medicine and cell therapy fields, as well as for design and performance of experimental clinical studies at all stages of development, in keeping with the rules of GCP.

The PhD programme's purpose is to produce physicians, engineers, economists in the health care sphere, biologists, physicists, bioinformatics, biostatisticians, and nurses able to transfer and apply the technological knowledge to medicine and surgery, and, also, to learn the usage of advanced techniques for new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies and the bettering of patients' life quality through innovative clinical studies.

The PhD programme aims at producing new highly specialised professionals who, owing to their cross-disciplinary skills and their qualifications, may get new and more numerous opportunities of working in Universities, Research Institutes, either public or private, Hospitals and the Pharmaceutical or Biomedical industry.


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Last updated on: 22/03/2024