Acting General Director

The Acting General Director of the University of Brescia is dr Monica Bonfardini. She has the overall responsibility for the management and organisation of the services, instrumental resources and technical-administrative staff of the University based on the guidance set out by the University Board of Directors. The Director General is chosen from highly qualified professionals with years of proven experience in managerial functions.

The appointment is conferred by the University Board of Directors, after a proposal from the Rector, and the opinion of the Academic Senate. It is regulated with a fixed-term, private law employment contract for no longer than four years, renewable with a procedure similar to that of the initial appointment.

The Director General takes part in the meetings of the University Board of Directors and Academic Senate without voting rights. Further, the Director General heads the public delegation, whose composition is decided by the University Board of Directors at the proposal of the Director General, for decentralised bargaining.


UOC Segreteria Direttore Generale (UOC Director General’s Administrative Office)
Piazza Mercato 15, 25121 Brescia
Tel. +39 0302988 207/208/202
[email protected]

Last updated on: 17/01/2024