University Board of Directors

The University Board of Directors (BoD) is responsible for strategic guidance, approval of the annual and three-yearly financial programming and that of staff, supervision of both the financial sustainability of activities and the conservation of the university’s real estate and property. Subject to the mandatory opinion of the Academic Senate, it resolves on the activation or elimination of courses and centres, and adopts the University Administration and Accounting Regulations. It approves the single annual authorised budget for authorisation of expenditure, the single three-yearly budget, and the single financial and consolidated financial statements at the Rector’s proposal and subject to the opinion of the Academic Senate.

The BoD is responsible for the appointment of the Director General, approval of Departments’ proposals to call professors and university researchers and the assignment of spaces to them.

The University Board of Directors consists of the Rector, who chairs it, two student representatives and another six members, selected based on a public announcement.


  • Prof. Frasncesco Castelli, Rector of the University of Brescia
  • Mr Giuseppe AMBROSI
  • Mr Marco MEDEGHINI
  • Ms Cinzia POLLIO
  • Prof. Stefano CALZA
  • Prof. Claudio TEODORI
  • Ms Rossella BENATTI
  • Mr. Luca LAZZARINI  
  • Mr. Leonardo TOSONI  
Last updated on: 23/01/2023