Academic Senate

The functions of the Academic Senate include making proposals and expressing mandatory opinions on teaching, research and student services, and also the activation, amendment or abolition of courses, centres, departments and co-ordination structures for teaching, carrying out co-ordination and connection with the latter.

It gives the mandatory opinion on the single annual authorised budget for authorisation of expenditure, the single three-yearly budget, and the single financial and consolidated financial statements. It also gives an opinion on the proposals for the establishment or participation of the university in inter-university centres, consortia, foundations or associations, and also on contracts and agreements pertinent to the teaching, scientific work and Third Mission of the university.

It approves the General University Regulations, the Educational and Research Regulations, including those the Departments and Co-ordination Structures are responsible for, and also the Ethics Code, and resolves on any amendments to the University Statute.

The Academic Senate is made up of the Rector, who chairs it, and 21 members, 15 of whom are professors and researchers, two representatives of the technical-administrative staff and four students’ representatives. The term of office is four years  and the mandate of each member can only be renewed once.


  • Prof. Francesco CASTELLI, Rector
  • Prof. Fabio BARONIO, Director of the Department of Information Engineering
  • Prof. Giorgio BERTANZA, Director of the Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture, Land, Environment and Mathematics
  • Prof. Giuseppe BERTOLI, Director of the Department of Economics and Management
  • Prof. Maurizio CASTELLANO, Director of the Department of Clinical and Experimental Sciences
  • Prof. Massimo GENNARELLI, Director of the Department of Molecular and Translational Medicine
  • Prof. Nicola LATRONICO, Director of the Department of Medical and Surgical Specialities, Radiological Sciences and Public Health
  • Prof. Lucio ZAVANELLA - Director of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
  • Prof. Aldo ATTANASIO, full professors’ representative
  • Prof. Laura Eleonora DEPERO, full professors’ representative
  • Prof. Chiara Maria Fiorella MINELLI, full professors’ representative
  • Prof. Francesco BALDI - associate professors’ representative 
  • Prof. Giovanna GROSSI, associate professors’ representative
  • Prof. Fabrizio TORRICELLI, associate professors’ representative
  • Ms Simona CACACE, researchers’ representative
  • Ms Paola Serena GINESTRA, fixed term researchers’ representative
  • Ms Roberta BERTANZA, technical-administrative staff representative
  • Ms Giovanna BONOMETTI, technical-administrative staff representative
  • Ms Marta CREMASCHI, students’ representative
  • Mr Diego DONINA, students’ representative
  • Ms Klaudia GAVOCI, students’ representative
  • Mr Diego Bruno VOLLARO, students’ representative
Last updated on: 01/12/2023