Changing to a open access course


From 1 August 2022 to 17 October 2022, if you are up-to-date with payment of your university fees, you can ask to change from one course to another First Cycle open-access course. 

You should renew enrolment for the 2022/2023 academic year (the year after your course of origin) on your online page  

  1. Click on the heading Career > Changing Course, indicating the destination course and any choices in curriculum. When you have completed the procedure, confirm it and send the request. 
  2. Print the course change application off, sign it and upload it onto your personal page (in Career > Career attachments), along with a copy of a personal identification document and a receipt for payment of the first instalment for enrolling in the new academic year.  

From the moment you submit the online course change request, you will be enrolled in the destination course in full. You may not sit any exams in the new course until the Joint Programme Board concerned has acknowledged any exams previously sustained, and deliberated the year of admission and allocated study plan.


Access to open-access Second Cycle degree courses is subject to candidates meeting specific curricular and personal preparation requirements.

These requisites are verified by the Programme Board based on the documents candidates submit as required by the Calls.

Once the requirements have been successfully evaluated, you can submit an application to change courses.


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Last updated on: 19/05/2022