Withdrawing from your studies

Withdrawing from your studies is irrevocable and involves terminating the university career and losing student status.
You can withdraw at any point of the academic year, but please bear the following in mind:

  • If you withdraw between 1 January 2022 and the expiry of the second instalment, you must pay 250 Euro, but you must pay the second instalment if it amounts to less than 250 Euro;
  • If you withdraw after the expiry of the second instalment but before the third instalment expires, you will have to pay the second instalment, but you will not be asked to pay the third one;
  • If you withdraw after the third instalment has expired, you will be required to pay the second and third instalments.

In addition, if you withdraw from studies:

  1. you must be up-to-date with payment of the university fees and contributions for all the academic years of enrolment;
  2. you must not make use of any benefits offered by the Study Entitlement Service (scholarships, canteens and housing), nor must you owe any outstanding amounts to the Study Entitlement Service (parts of scholarship amounts to be refunded, parts for housing or catering still to be returned);
  3. you must not be in possession of books or other materials belonging to the University libraries.


The form for withdrawing from your study course must be filled out, signed and sent without stamp duty via email to the official address provided. It must be sent with a valid identity document to:
[email protected]
In the object of the email, please write: “WITHDRAWAL FROM STUDIES”

After verifying the circumstances, the student admin office will enter the 16 Euro tax for stamp duty in Esse3. You will be able to see it in your personal page in Admin> Payments, and can pay it using the PagoPA procedure.
Please send the payment receipt to the student admin office. The office will close your academic career with effect from the payment date.


If you have withdrawn from your course of studies, you can enrol again in any course you wish to frequent following the methods and rules established by the regulations in force for the chosen course.


If you are not a European Union citizen and you reside abroad (outside the EU), when you present the “Declaration of withdrawal from studies" you forfeit the requisites needed to remain on Italian territory.
If after withdrawing you ask to enrol once again in the same or another University, you cannot use the permit to stay which was released during the previous university career. You must instead carry out pre-enrolment again, contacting Italian Representations in the foreign state of residence to do so.

Last updated on: 20/05/2022