Gender equality commission

The Gender Equality Plan 2022-24, approved by deliberation n. 90 of the 27th April 2022 by the Academic Senate, has among its actions the establishment of the Gender equality Commission whose aim is to implement the GEP and the Gender Balance.

By Decree n. 460 of  the 7th June 2023, the Gender equality commission of the University of Brescia was appointed for the period 2022-2024.



  • Prof. Mariasole Bannò - Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (President);
  • Prof. Alessandra Majorana -Department of Medical and Surgical Specialties, Radiological Sciences, and Public Health;
  • Prof. Susanna Pozzolo - Department of Law;
  • Prof. Luciana Guaglianone - Department of Law;
  • Dr. Piovani Giovanna - Department of Molecular and Translational Medicine ;
  • Dr. Marika Vezzoli - Department of Molecular and Translational Medicine;
  • Dr. Stefania Venturi - Technical and administrative staff;
  • Assunta Beatrice - Technical and administrative staff;
  • Marta Cremaschi - Student representative in Academic Senate.
Last updated on: 29/01/2024