Remote support

There is a Remote Assistance service at the University of Brescia. It enables support to be given to university staff using workstations provided by the university. Remote assistance gives IT support staff control of the workstation through a special software, using the mouse and keyboard of the station as though they were physically on site. In this way, faults and configurations can be checked and simple demonstrations also be made to the end user.

The staff authorised to give remote assistance are all the staff in the university ICT Service

The staff to be assisted and the support staff have to agree a time to start a Remote Assistance session. The staff requiring assistance must download and run the software in the sites related to this page. The execution of the software generates a code that must be given to the support staff. It is only after this that the remote assistance session can be started. The system requires a further confirmation to the staff to allow the real start of assistance.

Last updated on: 21/03/2024