E-mail and Google Suite



As the result of an agreement with Google, the University of Brescia can offer its students, doctorate students, specialisation students, lecturers, technical-administrative staff and research assistants the e-mail services in the Goggle Suite for Education.  

The format of the e-mail addresses is:

In the event of the same names amongst the addresses in the university, a progressive number will be added before the @.

The G Suite for Education services include:

  • personal e-mail box (GMail) with unlimited storage space as well as complementary services such as contacts, groups etc.;
  • access to the management of one or more personal calendars (Calendar);
  • access to the documents service (Drive) with unlimited storage space to create, store and share directly on-line documents of various types such as texts, presentations, worksheets, etc.

These services enable better co-operation through the sharing of resources. It’s not just the exchange of e-mail messages with other users but also, and in particular, the fast, easy and flexible sharing of your work and commitments; the sharing of resources also allows a significant reduction in the number of e-mail messages sent for the exchange of documents, information on commitments or the confirmation of appointments.

Please remember that the credentials to access the e-mail service are the same used to access the MyPortal personal page.

In the event of any problems:

  • username used for access;
  • error messages met during access;
  • category of user: lecturer, technical-administrative staff, doctorate students and specialisation students;
  • other useful information for the timely solution of the problem met.

NB: The browsers supported are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer could give problems with some features of the G Suite for Education services and so, therefore, its use is not recommended. The browser must be updated to the last available version.

Last updated on: 10/05/2024